". . .Outstanding novel of love and courage . . .  Lewis has created outstanding characters. . . As four people struggle with the “dragons” in their lives, this multi-pronged story melds the plot line of each character’s story into an overall one of overcoming adversity, recognizing the worth of all individuals, and never giving up on the hope for love and belonging."
Jennie Hansen, for Meridian Magazine
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". . . gloriously redemptive and healing. Lewis writes with power . . . she portrays the fading mind of a woman with dementia with tremendous clarity and compassion. This is really a remarkable book. But beyond all these things, it's simply a wonderful story. I read it in the space of two nights because I couldn't stop!"  
Braden Bell (Brandon Gray), author of the "Middle School Magic" series, and Orison
 "The Dragons ef Alsace Farm is the story of four people whose lives converge at a critical moment for each. But this is far more than a novel. The rock solid characterizations of Noah, John, Tayte, and Agnes will remain with you long after you have read the final chapter, as they ultimately experience faith, forgiveness, redemption and love. I absolutely loved this book!"  
Christine T. Hall, author of Conversations with a Moonflower and The Song of My Father. 
"Wonderfully written story. So real. Loved the characters and their struggles with guilt. It was heartwarming to experience the healing and softening of hearts, and the knowledge that love can overcome even deep-rooted wounds and open the way for a second chance at love."
Didi Lawson, author of Hohenstein
"I related instantly to Agnes, the elderly woman suffering from dementia, as she reminded me so much of my older sister. Her chance meeting of Noah changed both their lives and kept me
glued to the story. . ."  Norma Walquist