Willowsport Press


I enjoyed wonderful relationships with my previous publishers. My past editors remain dear friends. 


But life turns and changes, and sometimes throws curves our way. People things can contend with book things for priority status. 

Those are choices I don't want to make anymore.


So I'm self-publishing under my personal publishing company, Willowsport Press, for the foreseeable future, to allow me to set my own adjustable deadlines. 


I still call on those wonderful past editors and friends to help me assure that the quality of my books remain consistent and current.


The name Willowsport is dear to me. It comes from my Free Men and Dreamers series. It was the name of the village that sprang up from Jed Pearson's beloved, inclusive home, The Willows.


It embodies everything I want my books to represent . . . warmth, hope, determination, and a feeling of welcoming.