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"LOVE on a LIMB" is a Whitney Award Nominee!

Finalists will be announced in February, and winners will be awarded in May at the Whitney Awards Banquet in Promo, Utah.

Love on a Limb - cover

Book Club Questions

  1. Why did Noah fill so many hours with work? What or whom from his childhood motivated his choices, and how? How do positive and negative influences affect us? Can both change us for good? How?

  2. The back cover tagline is, “Fears and secrets are the dragons we each face.” What were each character’s individual dragons? Discuss how they faced these fears and secrets, and to what degree they succeeded in overcoming the challenges they presented to their happiness.

  3. Compare and contrast Noah’s childhood to Tayte’s. How were they similar? How were they different? How did each person’s experience impact their adult choices?

  4. Noah arrives on Agnes’s farm to help her. Tayte arrives to rescue her. Agnes promised Noah she would teach him many things. Who helped whom, and how?

  5. Noah discovered that love leaves a person painfully vulnerable. Explain how that was manifested in his life. In Tayte’s. In Agnes’s.

  6. Compare and contrast Agnes’s decline caused by dementia to the decline of Uncle John’s physical health. Which is harder on the person? On the family?

  7. Following Agnes’s night in the storm, she has a sharp decline. With Noah’s help, she fights back and returns from the rabbit hole. Her explanation is that she remembered love. What does that mean to you? When have you taken on a challenge in your life with greater effort because you remembered love?

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