It's been a busy few months, but we have lots of news. "Cross-Country Christmas," the first volume in the SILVER BUCKLE BRIDES Series is live.

Here's the first ad meme.

A vet/rancher torn by war and love. A mistrustful woman in need of hope. The wreck that brings them together. The blizzard that gives them time.

“What does the stillness bring to your mind?” He settled back into his quilt. “Ghosts.” The sorrow in his voice cut CC. She tried to lighten the mood. “Of Christmases past, present, or future?” “All of the above.”

In addition to the launch of "Cross-Country Christmas" there are other projects in various stages of publication.

The sequel to my political suspense novel, "Secrets Never Die," is in the hands of the publisher and going through evaluations. I'll know in about three months if it will get picked up for publication. It's working title is "Revenge Never Rests."

My WWII novel based on the life of a French survivor of the occupation of France is in the editor's hands now. We plan to have that one launch in February of 2022.

I'm currently pounding out the next volume in The Silver Buckle Brides Series. It picks up the story of Reese Brockbank's brother Reese, who takes refuge on Laramee Stone's Colorado ranch when his intended's marriage talk gives him cold feet. It's a love triangle with a touch of Cyrano de Bergerac thrown in for fun.

Help spread the word about "Cross-Country Christmas" and enter to win a free copy! Share the news about it's release and earn entries into this contest. Here's the link!

Thanks for your support!

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June 14, 2021

Forgive me. I've been terrible about staying in touch. How are you? I hope life is sweet and peaceful, and that things are normalizing wherever you are.

As for me, well . . . I've upset the fruit basket, as they say. I moved from Maryland to Utah, someone hijacked my blog, I ruptured my Achilles, had surgery, and all while we shared this little seventeen-month adventure called a Pandemic.

The blog hijacking will be addressed later, but all the other stuff has given me lots of time to write, and I've got three new books in various stages of development.

I hope you saw the beautiful cover for my October Christmas release with Covenant. "Cross-Country Christmas" is a clean second-chance romance with strong family themes that will warm hearts this holiday. I'm signing up reviewers, and book bloggers to join my social media crew to shout out about the book during it's release. If you're a book reviewer on Book Bub, Amazon, or Goodreads, and you'd be interested in reviewing this book or any of the others mentioned below, please join my Willowsport Review Crew and I'll be in touch.

If you're also a book-blogger, book-tweeter, or book-Instagrammer, who enjoys sharing great books with your followers and friends, please consider joining my Scream Team. Thanks so much!

For those of you who've asked about a sequel to "Secrets Never Die," the answer is "yes!" I was so stressed about not equaling the suspense and twists in book one that I shied away from a sequel, but I'm happy to say that I think the sequel is going to please readers very, very much.

I'd also like to tell you about my WWII novel, "The Letter Carrier." This has been a four-year love-project. It's based on the real-life experiences of a survivor of the Occupation of France. I hope it will touch tender threads of patriotism in all of us, and remind us of how fragile freedom is. Beta readers' reviews were outstanding. I'm so excited to get this book out. I'm looking at a January 2022 release, so I can dedicate the time I need to launch "Cross-Country Christmas."

Other exciting things are happening. I was invited to join an international panel on religious refugees sponsored by The Amar Foundation, to discuss ways to not only help displaced people survive, but ways to lift them and help them rebuild their social and religious cultures. Tom and I planned to travel to London this month so I could attend that discussion live, but the UK still has many travel restrictions in place so we're now relegated to watching it on ZOOM. I'm completely humbled and unsure what I'll bring to the discussion, but I've had my eyes opened to the trauma of refugee life as talked with my friend, Michelle, whose story forms the basis of "The Letter Carrier." It will, at the very least, be an amazing humanitarian experience.

As for the blog debacle. I'm surrendering the old blog and using this space instead. I also have a VIP Readers' Club and weekly newsletter where I post contests and book deals. I hope you pop over here for updates and news, and join the VIP club to get in on the deals.

Thanks so much for listening. Chat soon!


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JULY 1, 2019

I can identify the time and place when most of my books were born. SECRETS NEVER DIE was born in my swimming pool one summer night two years ago. I was enjoying a night swim . . . a night float, really. My head was resting on a ladder rung. As I floated in the calm water, staring up at the stars, I imagined that if a person stumbled upon the scene and found me so still, skimming the surface, they'd likely think I had drowned.

I thought, "What an intriguing scenario!" It led to question after question.

Aside from crazy me, who else would lie in the dark water, so still, just staring up at the night sky? And why? What emotion or need would bring them out here alone? What would they be thinking about? Or whom? And who might find them? What would their reaction be to stumbling over such a scene?

By the time I left the pool that night, the pool scene was outlined, and I knew the lonely, reclusive, brilliant, misanthrope, Tallie Brown. The rest of the story grew from questions about who would be most upended by stumbling upon a seemingly dead woman floating in the dark water, and Jackson James was born.

Moments and places have inspired several of my books. I hope you'll check out SECRETS NEVER DIE. Now you have inside info on that pool scene. Laurie

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