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"CROSS-COUNTRY CHRISTMAS" is LIVE! Here's how you can win a free copy!

It's been a busy few months, but we have lots of news. "Cross-Country Christmas," the first volume in the SILVER BUCKLE BRIDES Series is live.

Here's the first ad meme.

A vet/rancher torn by war and love. A mistrustful woman in need of hope. The wreck that brings them together. The blizzard that gives them time.

“What does the stillness bring to your mind?” He settled back into his quilt. “Ghosts.” The sorrow in his voice cut CC. She tried to lighten the mood. “Of Christmases past, present, or future?” “All of the above.”

In addition to the launch of "Cross-Country Christmas" there are other projects in various stages of publication.

The sequel to my political suspense novel, "Secrets Never Die," is in the hands of the publisher and going through evaluations. I'll know in about three months if it will get picked up for publication. It's working title is "Revenge Never Rests."

My WWII novel based on the life of a French survivor of the occupation of France is in the editor's hands now. We plan to have that one launch in February of 2022.

I'm currently pounding out the next volume in The Silver Buckle Brides Series. It picks up the story of Reese Brockbank's brother Reese, who takes refuge on Laramee Stone's Colorado ranch when his intended's marriage talk gives him cold feet. It's a love triangle with a touch of Cyrano de Bergerac thrown in for fun.

Help spread the word about "Cross-Country Christmas" and enter to win a free copy! Share the news about it's release and earn entries into this contest. Here's the link!

Thanks for your support!

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